You provide the information; we'll check your compliance and give you the results Instantly! Makes checking accessibility compliance easy!

We've provided an online inspection and reporting tool to help facility owners and managers identify accessibility issues. It doesn't matter if your an ADA consultant, construction manager an architectural engineer or just the average-Joe; can help you identify, correct and achieve compliance with the ADA laws.

You don't need to know the ADA laws, or be a certified inspector to check for ADA compliance at You do the inspection yourself, provide the information and let check for compliance, It's pretty easy!

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Submit for compliance check
  3. View the results

Are your facility Doors meeting the ADA requirements?

Do you want to know if a doorway to your facility meets the requirements of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)? If the answer is yes can help.

 It's really that easy; check a Door for ADA Compliance Now!

Are your Parking Spaces meeting the ADA requirments?

It's really that easy; check a Parking Space for ADA Compliance Now!

Are your Curb Ramps meeting the ADA Requirements?

It's really that easy; check a Curn Ramp for ADA Compliance Now!

Is your Passenger Loading Zone ADA Accessible?

It's really that easy; check a Passenger Loading Zone for ADA Compliance Now!

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